Behind the Platen 2

The first Behind the Platen was created as an exhibit celebrating the legacy of letterpress and relief printing. It traveled to three educational locations with an opening reception, featured speaker, and live printing demonstrations. 

Planning for Behind the Platen 2 is underway and expected to launch later 2023 and 2024. Visit here again soon— we will provide updates as the exhibition plan develops.

Gallery Show

The Behind the Platen exhibit was created to celebrate the contemporary methods in which printmakers utilize relief printing techniques.

Speaker Series

Each location will launch with an opening reception where a  live printing demonstration takes place along with a featured speaker event. 

Educational Artifacts

The show also will feature several learning moments, with a historical narrative and artifact display of different printmaking tools and supplies.

We are actively seeking host locations for Behind the Platen 2

Live Printing Demonstrations

Platen presses are at each opening reception to allow for live print demonstrations and for visitors to make their own print.

Artifact display

Exhibit visitors learn about history, processes, and tools used for printmaking throughout the exhibit’s different educational elements.